Please Note:
TNFS is not looking for an actor to fit a character description of any supposed script. TNFS is looking for the best actor among thousands of talents, and the parameters under which the judgement will be made are pure acting skills, dramatic and/or comedic abilities, timing, screen presence, charisma and so on. The winner will receive the prize and will be part of a movie, performing the part he's more suited to. Not the other way around! The winner is not someone who fits best our briefing. The winner is simply the best!


About us

The Next Film Star is the only contest in the UK solely devoted to taking Obscured Talents, Aspiring Actors and Unfulfilled Actors a step forward in the film industry.

The Next Film Star, the acting competition in which 50 actors compete to act in four short films written especially for them and win a prize package that includes £1000 and a supporting role in a feature film by the Soob Productions, opens Monday 8 June 2009. It's a great opportunity for everyone with a strong love for acting to show what they've got and to connect with Film-makers, Directors, Producers, Writers, and other Actors.

The Next Film Star is also the place to Network.

The Next Film Star is the Actors' contest.

Contestants will go through intense live performances in Central London and honest critiques will be given by the judges. The panel will include award-winning filmmaker Matt Bloom, 2 Baftas winner director Stuart Urban, L.A. Award winner, director David Winning, writer/director/producer Ice Neal and industry professional Sarah Leung. The ten successful actors will be screen-tested through short movies, written especially for them with a fair part to showcase their talent and abilities, that will be screened at Prince Charles Cinema in front the audience and a panel of industry professionals. Special guests include renowed producers, directors and acclaimed casting director Jeremy Zimmerman.











The Judges

Matt Bloom
Award-winning director, writer and producer with over 40 terrestrial dramas and shows credits, including: THE BILL, FOOTBALLERS WIVES, DOCTORS, COMEDY LAB . Recent wins include Royal Television Society Best Drama award for film OUT THE OUT.

Stuart Urban
Director, producer and writer with 2 BAFTAs for writing and directing TV dramas (OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH, AN UNGENTLEMANLY ACT), Stuart loves spotting talent and indeed gave Daniel Craig, Gina McKee, Marc Warren, and Mark Strong their first big roles and to Aiden Gillen (Queer as Folk etc) his first TV drama role. These and other actors either won or were nominated for Baftas or other awards under Stuart's direction.

David Winning
Directing film and television for over twenty years, David is mainly known for his work on Gene Roddenberry’s ANDROMEDA, MGM’s STARGATE: ATLANTIS, and the HBO thriller EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, starring Kim Cattrall, Sean Young and Eric McCormack. He is also a veteran of 20 Series and over 90 episodes for TV. He spent four months in Hungary shooting the ABC family series DINOTOPIA; now released on DVD. Last Spring he directed PAST SINS for Lifetime starring Young & Restless’ Lauralee Bell and Rebecca Jenkins. In 2002 he received a NATIONAL AWARD from the Director’s Guild for outstanding achievement in television drama. David will review the final short films from L.A. and give comments through internet video. www.DavidWinning.com - YouTubeLink

Sarah Leung
In the last few years Sarah has worked as casting director on important productions such as: K, LIFE LOTTERY, A TELL TALE HEART. Sarah recently assisted on such projects as WATERLOO RD and HOPE SPRINGS for the BBC. She's also been involved in the blockbusters: BATMAN BEGINS and CHILDREN OF MEN.

Ice Neal
Ice has written, directed and produced 3 films screened all over the world, founded The Soob Productions and is the creator of The Next Film Star Competition.

The Guests of the Final Night

Casting Director - Jeremy Zimmerman
Almost 25 years in the industry and more than 120 film credits, Jeremy has worked on major productions such as HELLBOY, BLADE II, MUTANT CHRONICLES, KEEPING MUM, DOOMSDAY, THE CONTRACT and many more.

Producer - Mark Cooper
Almost 20 years in the Movie Business, he worked on Major films such as: CHOCOLAT, SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE, DERAILED and the most recent THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL.

Producer - Mary Richards
Mary is a very well respected professional in the british movie industry. She has worked as Line producer and Producer on major production such as : NOTTING HILL, ELIZABETH, WIMBLEDON, BAND OF BROTHERS, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE.

Casting Director - Phil Shaw
Phil was trained as an actor at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and worked professionally for 15 years in every media. He cast Gael Garcia Bernal in his first film, BAFTA nominated short, THE LAST POST, and has recently completed the new Raoul Ruiz movie, LOVE AND VIRTUE (Damian Lewis, John Malkovich, Saffron Burrows and Peter O'Toole), and the short, ROMANS 12:20 for the Shammasian Brothers. Phil is a former professional actor, ICM agent, and was a co-executive producer on ITV's pilot series, WIRED IN BLOOD.

Art Director/ Production Designer - Frank Walsh
Only a few people on the planet have not heard about the movies Frank has worked on. His endless list includes: TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE, THE BROTHERS GRIM, THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, BUFFALO SOLDIERS and THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY.

Director, Producer, Writer - Robin Jacob
With more than 30 years experience in the film and TV industry covering all aspects of production, Robin won international awards for two documentaries: FREDDIE AGUILAR: A CHILD OF THE REVOLUTION and BATTLE OF MANILA.

Director/Writer - Christopher Nicholson
With Over 20 years in the industry with own production company making mostly cinema, TV commercials, films and music videos with past clients including British Airways and Guinness, Christopher is a full member of the Directors Guild Of Great Britain. He also runs acting workshops for Princes's Trust and other acting courses at a wide variety places including ITV, The Actors centre, The Actors Temple, LAMDA, Central, Mountjoy, ISSA, Skillset, Circus Media and The Actors Attainment Seminars. He's currently working on first full-length UK feature film.

Director/Producer - Jason Young
Jason is the director and producer of the feature film titled THE NOVELIST and the short film titled 'The Lonely Londoner and Mother Seacole'. He is also the producer of a documentary on Menelik l and Olaudah Equiano. He received his education in Theology at King's College London, trained in 35mm film at Raindance Training, 16mm film at South Thames College and digital film at Westminster Adult Education Service.

Agent - Donna Lashley
Owner of Rubicon Management since 1997, with 40 actors in their rooster, Donna manages talents for TV, Adverts and Films.

Manager, Record Producer - Derek Boulton
Derek Boulton is one of Ted Heath’s original band boys. After leaving the band he went on to manage such famous people as Tony Bennett and Caterina Valente.

The Next Film Star cares for Actors.

Actors for film shine on screen, not on stage.
Film Stars need intimacy and privacy in order to slip effortlessly into character. That's why The Next Film Star is not a live audience show that exposes the non successful talents to the world with critics that kill, but a show that protects and preserves the identity of the actors by showing more the final results and less the process. That's why the judging will not be done on first impression. Actors are passionate, ambitious and creative individuals who need guidance, directions, freedom and praises to shine. Unpredictable by nature, actors are definitely the book you should never judge by its cover.

Every actor's dream is to be offered a role that will showcase their talents and win them an award, and they're all waiting for that part, and for that moment to arrive. The truth is while waiting for that big Hollywood dream to happen, you can still win a few awards on the Indie side.
There are millions of great actors around who never had the chance to showcase their skills. They have some auditions and castings, of course, but not the part. And even when they get a part, it's not that part they've been waiting for. To multiply your chances, send your best acting showreel to compete for a chance to be The Next Film Star 2009 and win £1000 and a supporting role in a feature film.
Just like there are Film festivals, screenwriting, singing and other talent contests, The Next Film Star is The Actors' Contest.
10 successful finalists out of 50 will act in four short films written especially for them with a fair part to showcase any of the contestants' talent and ability, and they'll be screened at Prince Charles Cinema in front of the panels of industry experts who will choose the best actors purely based on their talent and skills to be The Next Film Star 2009. It's not Hollywood, but it's one way to get there.

Contact Details: You can email us with any questions, queries or complaints at info@thesoobproductions.co.uk