Please Note:
TNFS is not looking for an actor to fit a character description of any supposed script. TNFS is looking for the best actor among thousands of talents, and the parameters under which the judgement will be made are pure acting skills, dramatic and/or comedic abilities, timing, screen presence, charisma and so on. The winner will receive the prize and will be part of a movie, performing the part he's more suited to. Not the other way around! The winner is not someone who fits best our briefing. The winner is simply the best!



  • 08.06.2009

    Competition opens to all actors and actresses.


    Deadline for entries.


    Judges announce 40 actors for the live auditions. Their videos will be uploaded on the website.
  • 24.08.2009

    Sms voting opens. All the non selected applicants' videos are uploaded for the Audience to vote their ten favourite actors to join the Live Audition.


    Deadline for the Sms voting, at Midnight GMT.

    The 10 Audience sms voting winners join the 40 actors chosen by the Judges.


    Live Auditions takes place in central London. 10 finalists will be chosen.
    The 10 Finalists act on four Short films written especially for them with a fair part to showcase their talent and abilities.


    Screening and Final Award event at Prince Charles Cinema.





























Deadline for entries is 16 August 2009

(Applications for Year 2009 are now closed)

Who is eligible ?

The Next Film Star competition is open to all the actors and actresses and to everybody with a strong love and talent for acting from 15 to 70 years of age from the United Kingdom. Any ethnicity and nationality as long as you speak English. So if you believe you’ve got what it takes to be the next film star, you’re eligible.

What happens during The Next Film Star competition?

In the First Round 50 actors will be chosen as follows:

The Judges will view all the videos and choose 40 actors among all the applicants who best qualify for their dramatic and/or comedic skills, screen presence, vocal quality, timing, versatility, credibility, emotional delivery and scenic impact. The names of the 40 actors will be published in the website.

What happens if I'm not selected among the 40 actors?

Among all the remaining applicants, the audience will vote through Text messaging for their 10 favourite actors to give them the chance to improve their presentation and perform in front of the judges in the second round. This is to fix the fact that sometimes a wrong part can ruin a good actor and some participants might have sent a performance that did not truly represent their full skills.

The Second, Third and Fourth Rounds:

The Second Round takes place in Central London. The 50 selected contestants will have a maximum of three minutes to perform a short monologue (comedic or dramatic), in front of the judges who will be looking for exciting, realistic and engaging talents. The judges will give feedback after each contestant within the three minutes. Actors can use props as long as the setting up is within the time limit.

Twenty Successful Second Round contestants will go on to compete in the third round, on the same day, in which the selected actors will be paired to perform a dialogue in front of the judges.

The Ten successful contestants will compete in the Fourth Round. Within a week, they’ll be given four short screenplays, maximum five minutes long, suitable to their age range and written especially for them with a fair part to showcase their talent and abilities, to learn and act for the shooting. The director will put the contestants together in groups for the shooting. This is to see the great teamwork, the connection between them and how good they are on taking instructions. The short films will be shot on location and edited, scored and finalized in the following week.

The four short films will be screened at Prince Charles Cinema in front of a panel of industry experts who will choose the Best Actor to be awarded with the title "The Next Film Star 2009". At the end of the screening, the host will call all the ten finalists to the stage and the winner and runner-ups will then be announced. Their prizes will be given on the same night.

If any of the final short films were to be picked by a TV Network for commercial purpose, a further arrangement should be made between The Soob and the actors involved.

What are the prizes?

First Prize: £1000 and a supporting role in a feature film to be produced by The Soob Productions.

Second prize: Acer Netbook and a minor role in a feature film to be produced by The Soob Productions.*

Third prize: iPod Nano and a minor role in a feature film to be produced by The Soob Productions.*

Where and when do the competitions take place?

4 September 2009, London - Live Audition - Second Round: 10am to 2pm - Third Round: 2pm to 5pm.

1 October 2009, Prince Charles Cinema, London - Screening: 9pm to 11pm.

NOTE: this program could be readjusted due to the amount of the contestants.

Who are the judges?

There are a few leading figures from the world of cinema and TV. For more info, check out the About Us Page .

How do I apply?

You can apply Online or By Post. Please note there is an entry fee of £25 (refundable only in the case of event cancellation) payable through Paypal or by Cheque.

Please enable pop up windows in your browser.

Online application: Fill the Application Form including Paypal Transaction Number as receipt of payment. Send your video (see acceptable video formats) with Paypal Transaction Number clearly visible on cover or case.

Postal Application: Print the Application Form, fill it including Paypal Transaction Number and send it along with your video (see acceptable video formats) in the same envelope.

Alternative to Online Payment: You can also pay by cheque (payable to: The Soob Productions Limited) and send it along with your application form and video.

All entry fees must be submitted in advance and are not refundable in the event of cancellation through illness or other misadventure affecting the entrant.

Why is there an entry fee?

The Soob had inquired with Equity (The trade union representing performers and artists, protecting the rights of actors) regarding this matter and Equity Legal Department found it OK, considering the amount of work and the costs to organize TNFS. Please note: The Next Film Star is an independent project funded exclusively by the Soob Productions Ltd. No third party is involved. TNFS is a prize competition based on talent, therefore requires an entry fee to sustain some of the costs.

What do I send?

Send your showreel, your best acting scene, a monologue from a movie, short film, TV series or advert. It can be from existing material or from an original idea of yours. Also send a SAE envelope if you'd like us to send your video back.

What if I don't have a showreel?

Shoot one yourself with your video camera or even your mobile phone.
The quality of the video recording is not relevant and will not play an influential role in the judgement of the actors’ performance.

But if you don't want to go through all that yourself and want something more professional, please email The Soob Productions at: showreel@thesoobproductions.co.uk for a huge discount and we'll fix a date to shoot a monologue showreel for you. Please note a discount is only given if you're one of the contestants.

Where do I send my video to?

Submissions are now closed.

When is the submission deadline?

Submissions are now closed.


We strongly advise that you choose:

- Pieces that reflect your personality and show your versatility in emotion.

 - Something you relate to,

 - It should be short and sweet.

- Any genre (Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Horror etc...) welcome!

All the contestants videos will be uploaded in this website.

Each applicant may be required to participate in publicity connected with this Competition and may be filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded by The Soob or other third parties for publicity purposes and he/she expressly consents to the use of his/her personal data for such purposes without further consent or payment.

By entering this competition you agree to our terms and conditions.

Final Notes:

This competition is also the place to network! 

Tell us what you think!

Your comments, enquiries and suggestions are important to us!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments? The success of this competition depends on your feedback, so please let us know what you think. It'll help us to make it a better experience for everybody.

Thank you.

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*Subject to availability. The Soob Productions may at its discretion vary or amend the Prizes and the Winner and Runner ups agrees that no liability shall attach to The Soob or parties connected to The Soob as a result thereof.


Contact Details: You can email us with any questions, queries or complaints at info@thesoobproductions.co.uk